“I gave the first gay kiss on TV. I demand that you recognize this,” says Lima Duarte


PIONEER Lima Duarte: his career as an actor is confused with the history of Brazilian TV (Credit: Cesar Alves)

The actor Lima Duarte, 90 years old, is giving what to say after making a statement. In an interview with UOL columnist Fefito, he said he gave the first gay kiss on Brazilian television: “I was the one who gave the first kiss! And I demand that you recognize that. ”

“Boy, I don’t remember. But one thing I will tell you first hand: today there is a lot of this conversation between men kissing men, when will the gay kiss, the homo kiss come out. Do you know who gave the first kiss to a man on television? Me! ”Continued the veteran.

Lima also narrated the fact: “It was in the play ‘Panorama com Vista para a Ponte’, by Arthur Miller. Everything was happening at the New York harbor pier. Who directed was Wanda Kosmo. But I was the one who made the Italian-American port, stevedore who had a foster daughter, who was Rita Cléos, a blonde, cute actress. My wife was Wanda Kosmo, who ran. We raised that big girl, and one day she appears: ‘Oh, she has a boyfriend, boyfriend’. I wanted to know who the guy is! Then she brings me and Cláudio Marzo… ‘Is that it? You’re dating this is a deer! Don’t you see he is a deer? Do you want to see how he is stag? ‘ I took him and gave him a violent kiss. It’s a great scene! A mouth kiss. It is evident that he was in love with his adopted daughter. ”

Regarding the repercussions of two men kissing at the time, the artist concluded that there were no negative reactions. “No, it wasn’t even a scandal, because the scene was very well placed! It was psychologically correct. So I took it and gave that kiss on the mouth. Claudio was very my friend ”.

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