“I grew up and priorities change. Being always beautiful is no longer the focus”


Kelly Bailey was talking to journalists this Thursday to tell all the details about her character in the new soap opera TVI – ‘Beloved’. A conversation where he told us about the change of look that this new project forced her and still on the more personal side of her life.

Kelly Bailey went from blonde to brunette

The young woman actress, only 22 years old, has her hair dyed brown for the first time. The change is related to her character in ‘Bem Me Quer’, the pastor Maria Rita, but does Kelly like to see herself as a brunette?

“I like it”, he guarantees, explaining that the extreme care with the image is no longer a priority for him.

“For me it was zero hard to adapt, more and more I am giving priority to different things. Being actress that’s right [mudanças constantes de visual] and I can’t connect to the image “, he says.

I keep growing and the priorities are different, the image, being always beautiful, is no longer my focus. Over time I have forced myself not to focus so much on that. I am much happier and I can focus on what is really important, the text and doing the scenes well “, he adds, without fear of assuming that at the beginning of his career he was too concerned with the image.

The family quarantine was a test of the relationship with Lourenço Ortigão

The quarantine period to which the Covid-19 forced Kelly to a moment of reunion with the family after six years of living intensely his profession and everything related to it.

“The last six years have been very intense, my life was so busy … there, in fact, I managed to stop”, he reveals.

A actress he spent a great deal of time at his parents’ farm, where he still managed to kill homesickness for his paternal grandparents, who until now lived in England, and for his sister. With a big house, with a pool and lots of space, Kelly, her boyfriend Lourenço Ortigão and the whole family managed to live happy moments.

And Lourenço Ortigão’s family was also very present in this couple’s quarantine, in fact the two families even got together in many moments. “They are two close-knit families and we are lucky and have this opportunity to be all together,” he says.

For the young couple, the confinement represented a test of the relationship and, according to Kelly, the two passed with distinction: “The relationship test is also done, it went beautifully, it was very good”.

As for the fact that in the soap opera ‘Bem Me Quer’, I don’t work with my boyfriend, something that until now had been a constant reality, actress defends that: “being is good, but not being too”.

In Kelly Bailey’s opinion, the couple has always managed to separate the personal and professional side very well and whenever they work together they are just two colleagues.

Despite being ‘separated’ professionally, the two continue to help each other and Lourenço has been important in the preparation of Kelly’s character in ‘Bem Me Quer’.

“Lourenço has already taught me some things and I have taught him. Sometimes we even have different ways of thinking, which is a good thing”, he guarantees.

The decoration of the new house

In early 2020, Lourenço Ortigão and Kelly Bailey moved to a new home in Lisbon. An apartment tailored to the couple and that both have been decorating in recent months.

Asked if the decoration of the house had already been completed, actress explained that this is a process that will take your time. “I think the house is something that has to be decorated with time”, he defends, revealing that, although the hypothesis was on the table, he rejected the possibility of having a decorator to fill it overnight. the whole house.

However, even confessing that the process is not yet finished, Kelly assures that the house is “no longer empty”.

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