‘I had to break it so I wouldn’t poke it’


After the rage over Jojo Todynho and breaking four pots in the “A Fazenda 2020” headquarters room, Lucas Maciel isolated himself with his friend Lipe and revealed that the reason for the break-breaking was not to go after the singer .

“She screwed up badly. Sorry. She’s not crazy. She knows that everything she says has power here. Saying that I hit the girl’s head on the wall? She’s crazy,” she said.

“It is not ironing. She has a great affection for you,” said Lipe.

The youtuber classified Jojo’s attitude as mean and guaranteed that he broke everything he saw ahead in “A Fazenda 12” so as not to get satisfaction from the funkeira.

“It has no affection. Imagine if I go out for a fucking thing? I swear to God, I spend the money that I don’t have. She doesn’t get a fucking fuck. I f *** her life,” he criticized.

Do you think I want to break something? It is so surreal, it is so out of my ordinary, that I had to break it so as not to give it a peck in her mouth. It was horrible”

Lipe again asked the confinement companion to calm down that today it is still possible to receive an apology. Lucas, however, does not want to be close to the singer.

I want her to embellish the excuse in the middle of her ass. I do not want to know. It will pass away. I do not want to know”.


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