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VOTE BATTLE: Ketil Solvik-Olsen bows to party leader Siv Jensen after his speech. Photo: Hallgeir VĂ¥genes, VG

GARDERMOEN (VG) Ketil Solvik-Olsen insists that FRP must use more consent after the criticism from FRP leader Siv Jensen.

– Only people with a bad battery in the hearing aid think that voting is the same as saying nothing, says former FRP deputy leader Ketil Solvik-Olsen to loud applause from FRP’s national meeting.

He had called for more agreement in, among other things, the immigration debate from Frp in a VG interview on Friday, but was put in place by Frp leader Siv Jensen in her national assembly speech on Saturday morning.

Make FRP comeback: Want a milder FRP who speaks with a consensus on immigration

Solvik-Olsen insists that Frp should spend more grafts, despite criticism from his own party leader.

– I do not join the FRP to be a commentator on everything that is wrong and just be nice “look, I have pointed out another problem with red-green government, city council or the like”. I’m here to help change things. That is why I said that consent is important, says Solvik-Olsen.

SPEAKER: Former FRP deputy leader Ketil Solvik-Olsen gave Siv Jensen an answer to the indictment. Photo: Hallgeir VĂ¥genes, VG

Ketil Solvik-Olsens thus went to court with FRP leader Siv Jensen who said that she will still use vote out.

– No, Ketil we will not talk to agree. We will still be the ones who dare to say what no one else dares to say, said FRP leader Siv Jensen in his national assembly speech.

– Adjusted the hearing aid

After Solvik-Olsen’s speech, Jensen summed up the debate. She says she’s glad he’s made a comeback.

– I have adjusted the hearing aid. I see someone say that I have rebuked you from the pulpit. No, I am so happy to have you back in Norwegian politics, says Siv Jensen in the summary.

Ketil Solvik-Olsen’s point was that he thinks the FRP can get greater support and support if they use more agreement in the immigration debate.

He warned in his post against generalizing.

– There are more than enough problems we can point to in immigration policy without saying that all immigrants are a problem. That is what I mean when I talk about using consent and not dissenting, says Solvik-Olsen and adds:

– It shows that we can talk to the authority and credibility about immigration issues without generalizing. It is choosing words that make us listen to the content and not that people react to our single words. Because then we are not listened to. That’s what it’s about.

Think Siv agrees

Ketil Solvik-Olsens received strong applause in the national assembly hall.

– When we get 18.4 percent in an opinion poll in Rogaland, it is not because we are unable to convey the message Frp stands for. That is because we are able to show the breadth in a fantastic way, says Solvik-Olsen.

– It’s because we do not push people away by using words that others think “oh, it’s getting too hard”. That’s the job we have to do. If you do not believe that consent works, then take a look at transport policy in the first five years of government. I think it worked great, he says.

He thinks Siv Jensen actually agrees with the message.

– Therefore, I think party leader that we do not disagree, he says.

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