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Kristoffersen weighs 83 kilos. That’s seven kilos more than he weighed at the end of last season, but that’s not because he has a doctor on his side. Getting a few more pounds on the body was a conscious choice.

– It has been a goal for a long time in a way. Gaining weight. I’m gotten a little fat. I have seen 85 as a goal, more than that I should not go up, says Kristoffersen to NRK.

For Kristoffersen wants to do better in giant slalom, and many of his competitors have weighed more than him. The weight week means that he can get a higher top speed.

– For me, it can be an opportunity to be a little more brutal, and it can help at times, he says himself.

– One step in the right direction

NRK’s ​​alpine expert, Kjetil André Aamodt thinks it is positive that Kristoffersen has put on weight. The seven extra kilos can make a difference in the coming season.

– I think it is right, especially in some giant slalom trails, where it can be helpful to have a little more power and muscle. This also applies to the surfaces in downhill skiing. I think it is a step in the right direction for him, says Aamodt.

HAVE TRUA: Kjetil André Aamodt thinks Kristoffersen is wise to put on a few kilos.

Photo: Maiken Amanda Brennås / NRK

The alpinists start their season in Sölden in Austria on Saturday. Then it’s ready for giant slalom. Aamodt thinks the competitors will really get something to work on in both downhill and giant slalom this season.

– He was not bad when he weighed ten percent less either, but I think the competitors will really have to struggle with Henrik Kristoffersen in the coming season.

– You think he’s getting even rougher?

– Yes, I think so. I think he can win even more ski races this year than he did last year, Aamodt answers.

Focuses on what he can win

Last year, he fought a tough battle against compatriot Alexander Aamodt Kilde and Frenchman Alexis Pinturault for the overall winner of the World Cup.

World Cup alpine 2019 Åre giant slalom

TRIUMPH: Alexander Aamodt Kilde is the reigning champion in the overall World Cup.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

Kilde finally ran away with first place after the corona situation led to the cancellation of the last two World Cup races in Kranjska Gora in March.

This season, Kristoffersen has decided to focus only on downhill and giant slalom.

– So far in his career, the coolest thing has been to win cross-country skiing. I’m not going to do that in super-g and downhill right away. Then I try to focus on the two branches where I can actually win, says Henrik Kristoffersen to NRK.

NRK’s ​​alpine expert, Kjetil André Aamodt thinks it is a wise choice.

– I think it is completely right to focus on downhill and giant slalom, most likely throughout the career. Try to collect as many World Cup victories as possible, that’s what you will be measured on when you finish. You have a much greater chance of winning a lot if you focus on fewer branches, says Aamodt.

Austria Alpine Skiing World Cup

PRIORITIES: This season Henrik Kristoffersen will only focus on downhill skiing and giant slalom.

Photo: Marco Trovati / Marco Trovati

Aamodt does not believe that he only runs two disciplines need to stop him from winning the total ball.

– He is so good that he can win the total ball if he has a good season in the two disciplines.

Even though it looks good in training during the day, Kristoffersen does not take the winner in advance.

– So you can be as fast as you want in training, but it does not help if you can not get it out in the race. You will not become a world champion in training. You become a world champion by training, Kristoffersen concludes.


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