‘I just did my job to bring in resources to fight Covid-19’, says senator caught with money in his underwear


RIO – After being caught last Wednesday in a PF operation with around R $ 30,000 and part of the money bills between the buttocks, Roraima senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR), deputy leader of the Bolsonaro government in the Senate, he said he was calm after the operation that investigates deviations in the application of resources to fight the coronavirus. “I just did my job of bringing in resources to fight Covid-19,” said the senator.

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– I have a clean past and a decent life. I have never been involved in scandals of any size. If there have been lawsuits against me in the past, it has been proven in court that I am innocent. In public life it is like that, and, during my 30 years in politics, I met many people with malicious intent in order to tarnish my image, especially in a troubled electoral period, as is being the case in our capital – declared note.

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The senator also said he trusted the justice and promised to prove that he has no involvement with the illegal acts. Regarding the PF operation, Rodrigues said he had his home “invaded by just doing my job as a parliamentarian, bringing resources to combat COVID-19 in the state’s health”.

– I am not an executive, so I am not an ordering officer and, as a legislator, I continue to do my part, bringing resources for Roraima to develop. Let justice be done and that, if there is any guilty, let him be punished in the strictness of the law – he concluded.

Video shows Bolsonaro praising Chico Rodrigues Photo: Reproduction

The operation that targeted Chico Rodrigues was launched with the authorization of the Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Luís Roberto Barroso to investigate millionaire diversions in resources to combat the pandemic destined through parliamentary amendments to the Roraima Department of Health.

Information about the seizure was anticipated by the magazine “Crusoé” and confirmed by GLOBO. The senator is a member of the Mixed Committee of the National Congress that monitors the execution of resources related to the fight against the coronavirus.

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Fuel spree

The flagrant with money in his underwear is not the first irregularity starring Chico Rodrigues. In 2006, when he was in his fourth term as federal deputy, he was investigated by the Chamber’s internal affairs department for his high expenses with gasoline and, at the time, admitted that he presented other expenses as if they were fuel to receive reimbursement, but he was acquitted.

April 2006 GLOBO report on misuse of the Chamber's funds Photo: Reproduction
April 2006 GLOBO report on misuse of the Chamber’s funds Photo: Reproduction

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The case was revealed by GLOBO with a survey that showed that, in the previous year, Chico Rodrigues had spent R $ 174.1 thousand (in values ​​at the time) on gasoline, the fourth largest expense among deputies. In the first three months of 2006, he spent the most: R $ 60 thousand.

– It is not right, but it is the way I have to justify the expense. This amount should be incorporated into the salary, released for any expenses or suspended. Otherwise, the deputy is obliged to carry an accountant by his side. The deputy is obliged to do a real alchemy, gymnastics to get compensation. It’s the Chamber’s fault … – he admitted at the time, in an interview.

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In the same interview, he admitted that he did not need reimbursement from the Chamber, but added that he would use more, if he had the right:

– I’m a businessman and I don’t need that money, but what is legal, I don’t give a penny. And if I had more, I would use it.

After the publication of the report, the then Mayor, Aldo Rebelo (PCdoB-SP), sent the case to be investigated by the Chamber’s Internal Affairs. Chico Rodrigues, however, stepped back and said that he only spent the money on gasoline.


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