‘I know what the Chapecoense people went through’


A day after experiencing moments of tension in flight that took the delegation from Cuiabá de São Paulo to Mato Grosso, the half Jean Patrick said, in testimony to ESPN Brazil, that he thought he was going to die. He even mentioned the accident with the Chapecoense delegation in 2016.

Thrilled, Jean Patrick said he made a video in case he was unable to see his family again and left a farewell message. He recalled the accident with the Chapecoense delegation in Colombia.

“Eu even recorded the video, it may be a last message, I know now what the Chapecoense people went through, I don’t want that for nobody, I thought we were going to die “, he said.

Due to the rains, the aircraft was unable to land in Cuiabá. The flight had left Guarulhos-SP and was destined for Marechal Airport Rondon, in Várzea Grande. The pilot chose to descend in Goiânia.

“I was terrified that we were not going to get out of this, I had already sent a message to my wife and saying ‘pray for us’, I even thought I might not be alive today, whoever had a moment like that, we have a son, get out from home and do not know if he will return “said the sock.

Midfielder Jean Patrick shared a video of what happened on social networks and reported moments of tension.

“Take me home, Lord. My family is waiting for me,” he published. “I have never been so scared by that. ‘Tomorrow belongs only to God,” he added.

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The club’s vice president, Cristiano Dresch, told the Twitter that the incident was just “a scare”.

“The plane arrived in Cuiabá when it was raining hard, it was windy. The commander went to Goiânia and flew over the city for about 20 minutes. They had a fright when he launched. It was really a strong turbulence, but then, from Goiânia to Cuiabá, it was all right. It was just a scare, thank God, “he said.

In a note, GOL said it had to change the landing location of flight G3 1132 due to adverse weather conditions.

“GOL informs that, due to adverse weather conditions in Cuiabá, flight G3 1132 (Guarulhos – Cuiabá) had to switch to Goiânia Airport, landing safely at 5:56 pm. The company also points out that, after the improvement in the weather, all customers went on their journey and have already landed at their destination. “

Cuiabá returned from Campinas on a commercial flight after a 1-0 defeat against Guarani.

The team leads Series B of the Brazilian Championship with 32 points after 16 games.


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