‘I like being a housewife’


Simone, from the duo with Simaria, showed her willingness during her second pregnancy when stating that she participates in the domestic activities of her mansion, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

The singer helped her employees to clean up on Monday morning, commenting that “she likes to be a housewife”. She shared her curiosity with her fans on Instagram stories, having to re-record the videos after a problem with her cell phone audio.

“I was explaining to you that I hadn’t showered yet because I was helping the girls organize the house. little bath ‘now, I tied my hair because I didn’t wash it, and now I’m ready, tidy, and everything complies already, after helping the guys to give an order here at home “, she explained.

According to Simone, his habit of helping with household chores is a culture he inherited from childhood.

“The pretty one also helps, right? I like to clean the house, I like to cook, I like to be a housewife, I like to be a mother, I like to be everything. Everything inside a house I get together. Actually, I was raised like that, right? My parents always taught how to make a bed, how to wash a dish, these things. My grandma … we were really obliged to do things, you know, if I didn’t do it … foot, “he recalled, referring to the spanking he received from punishment if he did not do the tasks.

She also explained that thanks to the pandemic, which prevented her concerts with her sister, she has more time available to take care of her own home, “judging” who decides to leave home care.

“At that time it was like that, right, and then she stayed with me, today I love doing these things. As much as I have the girls who help me, you know, I also like to participate in the things at home. , so now I’m more of a good person, why not help them, right? Why lazy? ‘Oh no, because I can but I won’t help’, what is this woman talking about? For the love of God “, she concluded, laughing .


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