“I panicked”. Young woman gives birth, throws baby out of window and goes to sleep


Ua 23-year-old woman was arrested after the police found an abandoned baby by one of the windows in the house where her mother lived in New York, USA.

It is now known that the young woman gave birth alone and threw the baby out the window. Then he put on his laundry, took a shower and went to sleep.

Sabita Doookram, from Richmond Hill, is accused of attempted murder for having thrown the baby out of the window.

“I gave birth yesterday. I cut the umbilical cord with scissors I had in the bathroom. I panicked and threw the baby out the window “, confessed the child’s mother.

The newborn was transported to the hospital and connected to a ventilator. He was later transferred to a pediatric hospital where doctors realized they were brain dead.

The judge regretted what happened, deploring the fact that a “child is suffering due to actions of the mother herself “.

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