‘I promised I wouldn’t break anything’


Stéfani Bays was thrilled to talk to Tays Reis after the fight with Luiza Ambiel in “A Fazenda 12”. In the outburst, she talked about how she feels on the reality show and revealed a promise she made to her mother.

“I feel stupid at times. I’m going to play the game alone because I feel stupid. I feel very used in here. My mom must be wanting to cover my face to see if I wake up. I broke the cup. I said, ‘Mom , I’m sorry. I promised I wouldn’t break anything. My God, what example am I? ‘I said, Mom, I’m not going to break, fight and scream. to reach that point of breaking the cup “, he explained.

Stéfani participated in two editions of “De Férias com Ex Brasil” and caused many controversies, even breaking objects in moments of fury. “I didn’t want to show this to people, but my side that nobody knows about,” he lamented.

Tays, who lives on a war footing with Luiza, agreed with the peoa’s decision to walk away, but said that if her personality trait is to be explosive it doesn’t make her worse than anyone else.

“I am like this, I walk away and stay in mine,” said the singer. “You passed [com Luiza Ambiel] what I’ve been through. The things she said about me have no coherence “, he added.


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