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DREAMS OF FAMILY: Carina Dahl has been “single” since she was 30 years old, and hopes that she will soon meet someone she can share life with. Photo: Gisle Oddstad

The Norwegian artist (35) has in recent years been through several short-term relationships with younger men. Now she has decided to change course.

On Friday, artist Carina Dahl released the song “Mammagutt”, which is based on her own experiences in the love life. And it has been like a roller coaster, she admits. Because after being in several long-term relationships in the 20s, the 30s have so far offered more short-term relationships. With younger boys.

– If I had been ready to commit, I might have gone for a little different types. I have needed to be a little free, and then I may have gone for what is not so set, she says to VG.

– In what way?

– That’s what I sing about in the song, and which I think many can recognize themselves in. A number of self-experienced things. There has been a period where I have gone for slightly younger men, because at my age they may have had a second child, are married and so on. Then you face other challenges than you have done before, the artist explains.

Do you remember this? Here is the “Shame” star’s hysterical parody of Carina Dahl:

The 35-year-old makes no secret of the fact that she is thinking more and more about her own age, and that she is aware that she must “hurry slowly” in order to find the dream man.

– I have always said that I want to have children late, and that’s how it is now. But I must say that I want to experience having children, even if I do not stress. I’ve probably lately gone for something other than I should go for and have to find the right one. Four years ago I could not be alone as a single, I was completely panicked. Now I have managed to find peace in myself.

EXPERIENCED: Carina Dahl has participated three times in the Melodi Grand Prix, the last time in 2019 when she was in the final with the song «Hold Me Down». Photo: Trond Solberg

– How many children do you want then?

– Well, I think I only manage to have one child. Unless I’m banging on with twins right away, ha ha. No, I have never had a “manual” on how many children I want or when I will get married. I have always tried to focus on my career, and then the other has come quite naturally, says Carina Dahl, who emphasizes that she is fine with herself.

– I move a lot and have a lot of balls in the air. It holds with some dating variants until one hopefully finds the right one. I hope it happens. Now I’m not chopped on Tinder and such, I do not “hunt” that way. Although most people have seen me as single, I have been in relationships for the last four years. But I have not talked so loud about it, she says to VG.

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