“I thought I didn’t have enough talent and that I was going to study economics again” – Observer


It describes a very rational process, with little scope for wonder, which is something that is frequent in this medium.
The dazzles are due to two things: when something is completely out of our reality, it is so unreal and a dream that we are dazzled. As I grew up in this environment, I couldn’t feel it. Then it has to do with wanting something very much. In my case, it was not a childhood dream. It was not something I wanted too much, which can sometimes lead us to make the wrong choices. I learned to like it, to want it and decide whether to do it or not and that always made me ponder a lot.

Especially because the official plan was to go to Management.
It was. I was a big, bossy sister who thought I was going to have my company to rule over everyone. At least, that’s what he said when he was seven or eight.

It looks like a good plan.
I don’t see why not. But there, it didn’t happen. I will continue to rule only on my brothers and still have no success.

He recently published a text on Instagram denouncing the “amount of hate” he has seen on the internet. Where do you think it comes from in your case? Or, on the contrary, does it not personalize?
It is a good thing you ask this question because it is a way for people to understand what I meant by that text. When I wrote it, I wasn’t even thinking about myself, but I received a lot of messages from friends and family. Even my grandmother sent me a message – “Honey, what did they tell you?” They hadn’t said anything to me, but of course, a social network makes things very personal.

I have seen a lot of hatred and aggressiveness and in a growing way since a year ago. There are many people commenting through fake profiles and in these cases it is blocking or even reading, because it only hurts. It happened to me in the last two weeks and I found myself blocking the same person about 15 or 16 times. How badly does she have to be to bother to create so many fake profiles to offend a person who has never seen her in her life? You don’t feel this kind of hatred in live contact and I doubt anyone would approach me like this face to face.

A lot of people tell me not to answer, not to write anything about it, that haters will always exist. This is not true. We have to say that it is not right. I am not a person to keep silent when I see things that are wrong, I will never be, either with false profiles or with a daily situation where I think someone is being unfair. As long as I have a platform with several followers and can express myself and remind them that the world can be a better place, I will do it.

But do you find any explanation for this increase in aggression?
Things were also very violent with the quarantine. People were closed at home, with less to do and there were a lot of people feeling bad about the situation. It is not an excuse, but I am very much an apologist that we cannot judge anyone without knowing what is on the other side. Maybe it’s a justification I want to find for the fact that people are so angry. I also admit that social media is a bit of a fake world at times. Everything is always fine and it can be difficult for someone who is at home and is not well. People can be frustrated and irritated by that idea of ​​perfection.


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