“I want to keep the rose”


Theto Almeida continues to wear the pink jersey at Giro Of Italy. This Sunday, in the 15th stage, the Portuguese cyclist had difficulties, but it was huge to not give up in the final kilometers and to finish this stage in the 4th position.

Geoghegan Hart, Kelderman e Hindley fled the last 10 kilometers and João Almeida was unable to keep up with the three opponents. The man from INEOS, Geoghegan Hart, won the stage, but the great result was also for the Dutchman Kelderman, which reduced the distancencia to Portuguese.

“Today was a very hard stage, the speed was very high up front. But I am happy to still be wearing the pink jersey. You have to be smart after two weeks and get to know your body well. I could have lost the pink jersey. -pink in the hands of Kelderman, now we still have a week ahead of us “, said João Almeida, who was visibly tired at the end of the race.

“At the end of the stage I don’t want to know about my face [expressões de dor no final], I just want to keep the sweater. I suffered a lot at the end, but I kept the jersey and I am proud “, he added.

João Almeida is now only 15 seconds ahead of Kelderman, after finishing this 15th stage 37 seconds from the winner, Geoghegan Hart, and 35 from the Dutch Kelderman.

Keep the images at the end of this 15th stage on photo gallery above.

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