‘I went after a sweetie’


Luiza Ambiel caused a punishment this Saturday in A Fazenda 2020. The actress ended up crying for having committed the infraction and last night, apologized to her confining colleagues.

Luiza Ambiel broke a rule, the request of The Farm 2020 he took a piece of rapadura and left the stall, which is not allowed. According to the program rules, the food in the stall must be eaten there, nothing can leave the place. Shortly after, the farmer of the week, Mariano, read to the pedestrians who were in the confinement room: “It is forbidden to take or eat any type of food and drink in the whole area of ​​the animals. Everyone will be punished, you will be without coffee until the next replacement ”.

Luiza apologized for A Fazenda 2020

In the kitchen The Farm 2020, Luiza discussed the matter with her confining colleagues and apologized for what happened. “Well, you already know. Really, I took it myself [a punição]. I came here after a stupid sweetie, I went after the rapadura. I really forgot completely ”, justified the actress.

“I made a deal with me in here that I wasn’t going to take punishment. I policed ​​myself and I know I have helped several people not to take it. And I had this deal. Unfortunately I took it, I apologize. It was something I was really upset about ”, added the participant of The Farm 2020.


Luiza apologized again and explained: “I took a piece of the rapadura and made an imbecile and went to sit in the chair to eat. “Quiet Lu, everyone is subject. It’s a minute of bullshit, there’s no way ”, said the farmer of the week of The 2020 Farm.

Peoa cried because of punishment

After committing the infraction, Luiza isolated herself in the stall. The paoa ate some sweets, this time in the right place, but started to cry. “I am not going out”, commented the participant of The Farm 2020. Luiza remained silent for a few minutes and then regretted: “I even lost the lust for eating the candy”.

After the infraction, Luiza tried to hide the candy in her robe pocket. See the moment:


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