Ibrahimovic returns after covid-19 and leaves Milan on edge


In his first game after recovering from covid-19, striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic needed 15 minutes to score two goals for Milan and be decisive in the 2-1 victory over Inter Milan for the Italian Championship.

On 12 minutes, the Swede suffered a penalty and took the penalty. Goalkeeper Handanovic saved, but in the rebound the striker pushed into the net.

Three minutes later, Ibrahimovic extended after receiving a cross from Rafael Leão. In 15 minutes, Milan beat their rivals 2-0, with two goals from the 39-year-old veteran.

Lukaku slowed down in the 29th minute of the first half, but Inter’s reaction went no further. With the victory, Milan reached 12 points and leads the competition. Inter have seven points.

On social media, there was no lack of praise for the striker, who recently recovered from covid-19. Ibrahimovic was diagnosed with the disease on September 24 and did not lose his irreverence in saying that the virus had made a “bad choice” by infecting it.

See the messages extolling Ibrahimovic on the internet.


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