iconic 6th edition scene repeats in reality; Look


In celebration of the return of Mateus Carrieri in the reality A Fazenda 2020, some participants recreated a dance scene from the previous edition, number 6. Come see

The confined participants of reality The Farm 2020, decided to recreate an iconic scene that took place in the 6th edition of Record TV’s program. In short, it is a choreography scene, which shows the participants of the time together, dancing in rhythm.

In edition number 6, it shows the confines of rural reality in the external area of ​​the headquarters, choreographing a dance that seemed, according to the image, a street dance rhythm. It is possible to see some of the ex-pedestrians such as: Andressa Urach, Bárbara Evans, Scheila Carvalho, Gominho, Mateus Verdelho, Yudi Tamashiro, Marcos Oliver and others.

Fazenda 2020: pedestrians recreate a dance scene from last edition

First, the scene shown among the confines of this edition, shows them together, dancing in a street dance style. However, not all participants are in the picture. You can only see: Jojo Todynho, Mateus Carrieri, Jakelyne Oliveira, Raissa Barbosa, Lipe Ribeiro, Mariano, Tays Reis e People of Lisbon.


However, the dance scene in question, hit the web after the past garden, where it ended up eliminating the participant Luiza Ambiel. But, as a celebration of the return of the actor Mateus Carrieri, the pedestrians decided to thank the public who voted differently, or rather, somewhat similar to issue number 6. However, with the leadership of the ex-roceiro himself, the pedestrian celebrated a lot in choreography. The scene is iconic, and the dance moves look a lot.


How was Mateus da roça’s return in A Fazenda 2020?

Definitely, the return of Mateus Carrieri from the country, which eliminated the actress Luiza Ambiel, was one of the best scenes so far. The example of this is was the reaction of Jojo Todynho seeing the friend opening the door. The funkeira does not have the habit of getting up from the sofa to celebrate the return of the confinement colleagues or even to celebrate when a participant of A Fazenda 2020 wins the Farmer’s Test or whatever the activity. However, on the fateful night, it was historic for all factors. For the first time, the funkeira got off the couch screaming and running to celebrate with the colleague’s return. Beside her were the same ones that appear in the dance video: Jakelyne Oliveira, Raissa Barbosa, Lipe Ribeiro, Mariano, Tays Reis and Lidi Lisboa.

Who was the winner of the 6th edition of A Fazenda?

The sixth season of Record TV’s reality show “A Fazenda” revealed the winner, the model Barbara Evans, who faced lawyer Denise Rocha and actor Marcos Oliver in the final of the program, taking home the prize of 2 million reais. In the attraction, she had a relationship with the model Mateus Verdelho. The two starred in several hot scenes in reality. But, he also made many shacks with the ex-peoa, Andressa Urach.


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