ICU admissions with patients with Covid-19 rise again in Porto Alegre


After registering a drop in hospitalizations in Intensive Care Units (ICU) due to the new coronavirus, the hospitals in Porto Alegre again showed an increase in bed occupancy, with 239 patients with Covid-19. Another 25 were suspected of contracting the virus. General ICU occupancy reached 85.77%, three percentage points above the previous day, accounting for 657 hospitalizations in total – considering all diseases.

On Tuesday, the number of patients in ICUs reached 633. Four hospitals operated at maximum capacity: Cristo Redentor (100%), Moinhos de Vento (100%), Cardiology (97.67%) and Vila Nova (95% ). Even with a greater number of patients in ICUs, with 120 (of which 62 for the new coronavirus), Clinicas had a general occupancy rate of 88.89. Divina Providência, Restinga and Santa Ana had not updated the data until early tonight.

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