‘If it weren’t for the process, maybe my career would be worse’


Santos’ striker Robinho said his career could be at a worse stage if he were not accused of rape in Italy – and convicted in the first instance. The player stated that from the moment he learned of the process, he started to take more care mainly with his life off the field.

“If it weren’t for the process, maybe my career would be worse, maybe I wouldn’t be playing as well as I am. I started taking care of myself more after what happened,” said the player in an interview with Fox Sports’ Benja.

The player also said that his marriage was in danger, and that his wife considered separation after learning of the betrayal. However, Robinho said that she forgave him and that this attitude made him decide to change his life.

“It was very difficult. My wife wanted to end the relationship. We already had two children. But she forgave me. And because of what she did, I approached God, I converted. It was a very difficult, terrible moment for me personal life. But we got over it and today I’m closer to God because of that. (…) When the notification about the process came, it was very difficult, I cried a lot, but I told the truth to my wife “, he added.

The athlete also left a piece of advice to players who are starting their careers, suggesting that they are not dazzled by the possibilities that money offers.

“May the boys who are starting, set an example, respect their wife. My wife has been with me since I was 15, so it shows that she never had an interest in my money.”

Neymar support

Robinho also revealed that he received messages of support from Neymar, who reportedly offered to help and support Santos’ former teammate.

“Neymar sent a message. He offered to help, to support. This is to see that it is not just me, it happens to others,” he added.


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