Igor Cosso says he hid boyfriends for fear of losing jobs as an actor and reports an episode of homophobia


Igor Cosso (Photo: Playback / YouTube)

In the cast of “Save yourself who can”, Igor Cosso revealed that for a long time he hid relationships for fear that his sexual orientation would harm his acting career.

– At 19, I took my first step and won my first TV role. I was really happy, I went there to work and, in the first days of recording, I was all excited, I understood that what was natural for me could be fatal for my career. I read in the magazines and newspapers big people in the market saying that an actor of my profile could not be gay because otherwise he would never work again – he said, in a video posted on the TEDx Talks channel, on YouTube.

Igor also said that he saw famous actors doing everything they could to not realize that they were gay:

– They needed to work, and I also wanted to work. So, I started to swallow a lot of sexist joke that I heard. I didn’t socialize at all with my co-workers, I kept hiding my boyfriends, I kept answering questions like: “What does a woman have to have to win you over”. That was my daily life.


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The actor then reported an episode that shook him deeply:

– A journalist published that there was a gay actor in a job that I did, that was me, and that, if that actor wanted to grow up, he had better hide, better not to go out on the street anymore. I was 19 years old. When people started sharing this news, I was desperate. I thought my dream was being taken away from me. I felt a pain, I thought I couldn’t be an actor there anymore.

Then, he claimed to have been a victim of homophobia in his professional environment:

– A few days after that news came out, I went to record, I was already scared to death. purpose: “the fagot has arrived”. And everyone around began to laugh.

The actor commented that he held back the crying to record the scene:

– As soon as it was over, I went home and collapsed. I was finished. I was ashamed. This has happened more often at some job in my life. Sometimes, not with me, but with a colleague of mine.

Cosso assumed to be gay in June this year with an Instagram post, in which he revealed his relationship with Heron Leal. He says that since then, a lot has changed:

– Now I have over one hundred thousand people supporting my work on social networks, where everything happened. My grandmother, who I was terrified of knowing about my journey, sent me such beautiful messages supporting me that I will never forget. While doors can close for me, there are beautiful windows opening.

Igor Cosso and her boyfriend, Heron Leal (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)Igor Cosso and her boyfriend, Heron Leal (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)


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