Igor Cosso says he ‘hid dating’ for homophobia to be an actor


(photo: Reproduo / Instagram)

Igor Cosso, 29, spoke about homophobia and the pressure he suffered for being gay as an actor in testimony available on the TEDx Talks channel on YouTube.

Currently in the cast of the soap opera Save Yourself, from Globo, as Junior, he recalls that he was impacted by the preconception getting his first job on TV when he was 19.

“I went to work and, in the first days of recording, all excited, I understood that what was natural for me could be fatal for my career. I read, in magazines and newspapers, great people in the market saying that an actor of my profile he couldn’t come out as gay, because if he didn’t he would never work again “, he reports.

“I wanted to work. So I started to swallow a lot of macho jokes that I heard. I didn’t socialize at all with my coworkers, I kept hiding my boyfriends and kept answering questions like ‘what does a woman have to have to win you over? ? ‘. That was my daily life “, he said.

Igor Cosso says that a journalist would have published a news report stating that an actor in the soap opera he was working on – he, in this case – was gay and, “if he wanted to grow in his career, it was better to hide”.

“I was 19 years old. When people started sharing this news, I was desperate. I thought my dream was being taken away from me,” he recalls.

“Everyone thinks that art, television, a very free environment, that has no prejudice, but lies. Every work environment has prejudiced people”, he says.

Check out the full testimony of Igor Cosso on the issue of homophobia in his career:


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