‘I’m afraid he will be upset because of Biel’, Mirella about her ex-boyfriend


During the “Likes” party, from “A Fazenda 2020”, MC Mirella forgot the conflicts of the side game and had a bad time remembering her relationship with ex-boyfriend Dynho Alves.

In conversation with Raissa Barbosa, the funkeira opened her heart to talk about having a good friendship, Biel, but she fears possible negative reaction from Dynho for still wanting to resume the relationship.

I’m very afraid of him being upset because of Gabriel and everything. The only person I love in life is Dynho. He knows, Ra “.

“The only thing I want is for him to be a strong man. In the name of Jesus, being able to have a good condition for his daughter and his mother’s mother. He needs this.

The singer tried to ask the model to also open her eyes to everything that is happening in the game and won a hug from Raissa Barbosa.


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