‘I’m going to get away from that,’ says Mirella of Biel


Speaking to Stéfani Bays this afternoon in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV), Mirella confessed that she intends to get away from Biel, who in recent weeks has become her great ally in the game.

The two, who are very close inside the house, had an isolated conversation in the room. Stéfani sought to advise the funkeira about the tense situations in which she has been involved in recent weeks. Surprisingly, Mirella agreed.

Bowl out of there. We (Biel) knew each other outside, but I was not close. Only what Carol’s business happened, Luiza’s business … things going on in the country and I started thinking.

Then Stéfani criticized another ally of Mirella: Juliani Ceglia. “Juliano only hits head on with a woman. Wow, I’m going to rock him in the live. Head-to-head, he went off with him there and he didn’t say anything,” he said.

When he is a brother he does not hit the front, only with a woman. You can leave me crazy to rock him in live.


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