“I’m laughing and I don’t care, because she was drunk”


In transcripts of telephone interceptions made with judicial authorization, the player Robinho revealed his participation in the act that led a 23-year-old Albanian woman to accuse the athlete and friends for collective rape in Milan, Italy. Based mainly on these recordings, the Brazilian was sentenced in the first instance to nine years in prison for the crime. Details of the lawsuit were revealed on Friday (16) by the website “Globoesporte.com”.

According to the investigation, the woman was taken to a dressing room at the nightclub, where she was abused by five men, among them Robinho and Ricardo Falco, his friend. The other suspects left Italy in the course of the investigation, so their participation in the act is the subject of another lawsuit.

According to the website, Robinho admitted in court that he had had sexual intercourse with the victim, but said he was consensual. However, in a conversation with his friend Ricardo Falco, also convicted of the crime, the player demonstrated that he knew that the woman was quite drunk at the time of the act.

In the transcript published by “Globoesporte.com” the names of other suspects are kept confidential.

Falco: She remembers the situation. She knows that everyone had sex with her.

Robinho: O (NAME OF FRIEND 1) I’m sure he came inside her.

Falco: I don’t believe it. That day she couldn’t do anything, not even stand, she was really out of her mind.

Robinho: Yes.

The case happened in a Milan nightclub called Sio Café, on January 22, 2013. In addition to making telephone recordings, the Italian police installed a bug in Robinho’s car and managed to capture other conversations.

The player and his friend Falco were convicted in 2017 on the basis of article “609 bis” of the Italian penal code, which describes the violent and non-consensual sexual act imposed by two or more people. Those convicted have appealed, and the case will be heard by the Milan court of appeal in December.

For Italian justice, these conversations are “self-incriminating”. In one of them, upon being informed about the investigations by the musician Jairo Chagas, who played that night, Robinho said, according to the process:

Robinho: I’m laughing because I don’t care, the woman was completely drunk, she doesn’t even know what happened.

Robinho: Look, the guys are in shit … Thank God there is, because I didn’t even touch that girl. I saw (NAME OF FRIEND 2), and the others fucked her, they are going to have problems, not me … I remember that the guys who caught her were (NAME OF FRIEND 1) and (NAME OF FRIEND 2) …. They were five on top of it.

Musician Jairo Chagas, known to the Brazilian community in Milan, mentioned the episode again in a conversation with Robinho in January 2014.

Robinho: The police can’t say anything, I’ll say I was with you and then I went home.

Jairo: But did you also have sex with the woman?

Robinho: No, I tried. (FRIEND NAME 1), (FRIEND NAME 2), (FRIEND NAME 3) …

Jairo: I saw you when I put the penis inside her mouth.

Robinho: That doesn’t mean having sex.

In another conversation with a friend, the Brazilian striker says that his teammates that night “took her hard.”

Details of the process that led to Robinho’s conviction came to light three years later, because last week the player was announced as reinforcement for Santos, the club that revealed him.

The hiring generated revolt between part of the fans and users of social networks, with many users criticizing the hiring of a person convicted of rape. Santos even lost one of its sponsors. Orlando Rollo, the club president, however, defended the player and stated that he should not be punished before the final judgment of his case.


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