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DON’T BE AFRAID: Martin showed up at the Trump election rally indoors on Monday, despite being in the risk group for corona. Photo: Camilla Svennæs ​​Bergland / VG

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO (VG) Martin Flatinger (48) has serious heart problems and needs a supply of oxygen. On Monday, he attended an indoor election rally with Donald Trump Jr., while corona numbers in the United States are rising sharply.

– I’m not afraid, says Martin to VG.

He has sat on the outer row of chairs to get a good overview. Around him there are several people without face masks. The room he stays in has a capacity of 500.

Half an hour before President Donald Trump’s firstborn son took the podium, 400 people gathered indoors.

Martin has held two chairs.

One to himself.

One for his oxygen.

– You say you are not afraid, but you are also in the risk group?

– If I get it, I’ll have to deal with it there and then.

The United States is the country in the world with the most corona deaths. Over 220,000 people have lost their lives since March. US experts have talked about how the country could lose several thousand more lives, unless the situation changes drastically in a short time.

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FULL: VG spoke to a firefighter 30 minutes before Donald Trump Jr. would go on stage. Then there were around 400 people in the room, which has a capacity of up to 500 people. Photo: Camilla Svennæs ​​Bergland / VG

On Friday last week, the United States had the highest number of registered cases of infection since the pandemic started with 85,085 in one day.

In the rocking state of Ohio, where Martin lives, the number of infections is also rising sharply. On Saturday last week, the tipping state had the highest number of registered cases of infection in the whole of 2020.

– Do you think you would have been better protected if you had been wearing a face mask here today?

– No, I can hardly breathe without a face mask, so wearing a face mask makes it ten times worse.

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Despite the fact that he is in the risk group, and exposes himself to danger by being present at such a large indoor event, he believes it is right to line up.

– Trump has done a really good job. He could have done much more if only people had left him alone.

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WAITING FOR TRUMP JR: Many in the room this Monday were not wearing face masks. Photo: Camilla Svennæs ​​Bergland / VG

He also believes the president has handled the corona in a good way.

– This is a worldwide pandemic, and it is not Trump’s fault that it is here.

– Unless someone comes up to me and spits on me, or sneezes on me, it’s probably fine. I have alcohol in the car and I wash my hands. I’m not worried.

– Has anyone in your family been ill?

– No, but I have a friend where his wife became ill. She was quarantined for three weeks, but my friend who lived with her did not fall ill.

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WOMEN FOR TRUMP: There were around 400 Trump supporters gathered in one place this Monday. Photo: Camilla Svennæs ​​Bergland / VG

With only eight days left until the US presidential election, both Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump now spend a lot of time in the various tipping states to persuade voters.

On Monday, Trump’s eldest son was present to convince voters in Youngstown. This area has one of Ohio’s highest unemployment rates.

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The two candidates have had a very different approach to how they hold election meetings now during the campaign period.

While Biden’s campaign has been very careful about going public to tell where they are holding election rallies, for fear of helping more people gather in one place – the Trump campaign has been concerned with gathering lots of people.

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Trump has previously had several election meetings outdoors, but Monday’s meeting with Trump Jr. was held indoors.

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The two presidential candidates are now in an ongoing war of words after Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows on Sunday acknowledged that “we will not be able to control the pandemic.” According to him, it can only happen through vaccines, medications and other methods, which made Joe Biden react:

– It was an honest acknowledgment of what President Trump’s strategy has obviously been since the crisis broke out: Waving the white flag and hoping that the virus goes away if you just ignore it.

Donald Trump denies that he has given up the fight against the virus.

– I do not have that, he says, at the same time as he emphasizes that he believes that the country is over the worst bend.

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