“I’m starving,” says Sinead O’Connor in the fight against agoraphobia


Sinead O’Connor turned to social media on Wednesday night to talk about the fight against agorafobia, an anxiety disorder that makes her afraid to leave home.

The 53-year-old says she can’t go out to buy food, so she asked fans for help in an attempt to get someone to take food home.

“I have been secretly living with a case physically paralyzing, related to a low trauma self esteem acute in the last years, months and weeks “, he started by saying, saying that because of the agorafobia, cannot go to stores and, therefore, has not eaten. “I am starving,” he said.

To explain the reason for not being able to receive food at home, he said: “currently, I live in a very remote part of the country, so food delivery is not an option “.

“That’s why I asked, clearly, only if anyone knows food services for people with mental health problems whose ability to self care is diminished “, he added.

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