Immunizer test is interrupted due to lack of doses


Russia has temporarily stopped vaccinating new volunteers in its trial with the covid-19 vaccine due to high demand and dose shortages, said a company representative in charge of the study today, in a setback for Moscow’s ambitious plan to launch immunization.

At eight of the 25 clinics in Moscow that hosted the study and inoculated volunteers, the team told Reuters that vaccination of new participants was suspended, with several saying they had run out of doses allocated at their clinics and referring to a large influx of volunteers. .

“This is related to the fact that there is a colossal demand for the vaccine and they are not producing enough to keep up,” said the representative of Crocus Medical, the contracted research organization that helps conduct the test in Moscow with the Ministry of Health. Russian.

According to provisional information, vaccinations will be restarted around 10 November, he said.

The scarcity of doses is the latest challenge to Moscow’s ambitious and unorthodox vaccine plan, which saw the government give the go-ahead for vaccination – and launch mass inoculation to the general public – before comprehensive safety tests and effectiveness were completed.

The Moscow City Health Department, which oversees the clinics where the test is taking place, did not respond to a request for comment.

The Moscow Gamaleya Institute, which developed the vaccine, known as Sputnik-V, and is also making it, has forwarded questions to the Ministry of Health.

Alexei Kuznetsov, an adviser to the Russian Health Minister, said human testing of the vaccine continues. “The goal of 40,000 vaccinated volunteers will be achieved,” he said.


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