Importance of vaccines in the pandemic period of Covid-19 and Fake News



Vaccines are important to strengthen the body’s immunity and fight diseases

Taking care of our immunity is extremely important and the National Vaccination Day, celebrated this Saturday (17th), reinforces this necessary care in our lives.

Not to mention that on this date, created by the Ministry of Health to emphasize the importance of the vaccine in controlling diseases and preventing epidemics, there are two important points that must be stressed:

  1. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to redouble the attention on vaccination;
  2. Pay attention to Fake News on the subject.

The immunologist, Maria das Graças de Melo Teixeira Spengler, says that vaccines are powerful tools to control and eliminate life-threatening infectious diseases.

The doctor explains that in times of pandemic due to the new coronavirus, the Brazilian Society of Immunizations (SBIm) recommends, and alerts, the importance of keeping routine vaccination up to date. “Discontinuity with the vaccination schedule can increase the number of individuals susceptible to the disease, and the likelihood of outbreaks due to vaccine-preventable diseases. This would put an even greater burden on the health system ”, he reports.

Dr. Maria also says that for a healthy immune system, a routine of healthy habits must also be maintained, which implies: “food rich in all nutrients and micronutrients, exercise routine adapted to social isolation, avoiding smoking and consuming alcohol, music, art therapy, among others ”.

The immunologist also explains that “vaccines stimulate the production of our defenses, through specific antibodies. Thus, they teach our organism to defend itself effectively, and when the real “attack” happens, the defense is reactivated through the memory of the immune system. This is what will make the “enemy” action very limited or, as it happens most of the time, totally eliminated, before the disease sets in ”.

Fato X Fake

There is false information circulating about vaccination, so it is very important to clarify all doubts with official sources, such as, for example, the Ministry of Health.
Some myths and truths on the subject:

– Vaccines cause autism: Myth.

The Ministry of Health indicates that the relationship between the two is ruled out.

– I need to be vaccinated against eradicated diseases: Truth.

Even with almost extinct diseases, infectious agents can circulate and infect non-immunized people.

– Hygiene and sanitation are enough to prevent diseases: Myth.

Hygiene and sanitation are essential to protect yourself, but only vaccines can effectively prevent it.

– Vaccines have several harmful and long-term side effects that are still unknown. The vaccine can even be fatal: Myth.

Vaccines are very safe. Most reactions are usually small and temporary, such as a sore arm or a mild fever. A person is much more likely to become seriously ill from an illness preventable by the vaccine than from the vaccine itself.

Vaccine Schedule

It is essential for health to follow the vaccine schedule correctly, so the Ministry of Health publishes the complete vaccination calendar, just click here. All necessary vaccines are listed in the link, in addition to the exact doses and periods we should be immunized.


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