Impressive images show “environmental disaster” on Russian beach (video)


A tourist beach in Kamchatka, Russia, is in an “environmental disaster” situation, the association Greenpeace said, due to a concentration of oil in water 3.6 times higher than normal.

Several marine animals hit the shore on this once-paradisiacal beach, after several surfers had burned their eyes, TVI24 reported.

According to the same source, the first sign that something was wrong on the picturesque beach of Khalaktyr, a landscape usually filled by bathers and surfers, became evident when people started to develop symptoms after diving into the ocean.

“For weeks, we noticed that all the surfers who were here had eye problems after returning from the water,” said Yekaterina Dyba, a representative of a local surf school, in a social media post quoted by TVI.

The symptoms described by surfers and swimmers on that beach include loss of vision, high fevers, nausea and sore throats. As for the huge animals found – the remains of octopuses, crabs, sea stars and sea urchins -, Alexey Kumarkov, an environmental consultant for the Kamchatka municipality, told the local press that the cause of his death was not yet known.


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