In 12 days, politician is released from prison and assumes positions of prime minister and interim president of Kyrgyzstan | World


A politician who was arrested earlier this month took on Friday the interim presidency of Kyrgyzstan, a country that has been in political crisis for twelve days.

Sadyr Japarov, who already held the post of prime minister, starts to accumulate the post of president after, on Thursday, the previous president, Sooronbai Jeenbebov, resigned.

Jeenbebov’s administration has faced protests since 4 October, when there was an election to parliament. The result was favorable to the governing parties, which were accused of buying votes. In the midst of protests, protesters released Sadyr Japarov from jail.

Kyrgyz parliamentary election canceled

In less than two weeks, Japarov, who spent the last three years in prison, took power in the country. After being released from prison by his allies, he was acquitted by justice in confusing circumstances.

The next step was his appointment as prime minister at a secret meeting of deputies in a hotel.

Under the country’s constitutional rules, another politician, who held a parliamentary post, should assume the presidency. However, that other refused the post. On the succession line, the post ended with Japarov.

It is the first time that a politician has accumulated both positions (prime minister and president).

Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries – Photo: G1

As soon as he took over, he stated that Russia will be a strategic partner and who told the Chinese ambassador that Kyrgyzstan will comply with all its agreements with Beijing.

He proposed rules to facilitate the entry of new parties to parliament – new elections for the legislature are due to take place in 2020.

As interim president, Japarov cannot run in the presidential election, which takes place in January.


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