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The Itaperimim Group informed that it will start this Friday (9) a selection process for hiring personnel for the airline company it intends to launch, Ita. About 600 professionals must be hired, among pilots, co-pilots, aircraft technicians and flight attendants. The company is expected to start operating in March 2021.

According to Rodrigo Vilaça, CEO of the Itapemirim Group, the company leased 10 Airbus 320 aircraft – three of which will be delivered later this year. For each “yellow gold” airplane, as they are called due to their color, 67 professionals will be needed. “With the arrival of the jets, we will naturally hire more professionals. Our operation in Brazil will be gradual”, informed the executive.

The company’s initial project, which is still in approval at National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), provides for operation in 16 Brazilian airports and hubs in four: Guarulhos (SP), Galeão (RJ), Brasília (DF) and a last one in the Northeast, still without definition.

The Espírito Santo group’s project, however, comes up against two major challenges: the crisis in the aviation sector and the financial resumption of Viação Itapemirim, which had its bankruptcy petition accepted in 2016.

“The judicial recovery is not associated with the airline. It is a new company and free from any debt. We will add a solid base to a consistent operation”, he guaranteed.

Viação Itapemirim is still auctioning properties and vehicles to pay the severance pay of the dismissed employees. Starting on October 15th, for example, it will be possible to finish the company’s buses by starting bids starting at R $ 3 thousand on the TM Leilões website.

Project by the Itapemirim group to create an air transport company came about with the attempt to purchase Passaredo in 2017 – Photo: Passaredo / Disclosure

With plans to integrate land and air transport, in July 2017 the group tried to buy Passaredo. In September, however, the sale was canceled because Itapemirim failed to comply with precedent conditions established in the contract.

“Our president wanted to launch a regional air operation when he tried to buy Passaredo. Even with the pandemic, we understand that we have a range of opportunities to launch a national aviation project,” said Vilaça, CEO of the group, to the G1.

The International Air Transport Association (Iata) announced on Tuesday (6) that the segment will burn US $ 77 billion in cash in the world in the second half of 2020, despite the resumption of operations – the equivalent of US $ 13 billion per month or $ 300,000 a minute.

According to the entity, the slow recovery of the airline industry in the world will cause companies to have a cash burn of US $ 5 billion to US $ 6 billion per month in 2021. According to Iata, the sector should not register a positive cash balance by 2022.

Despite the turbulent scenario, Vilaça believes that 2021 is the ideal time to launch Ita. “Our projection in five years is for a company that will gradually take up space in the market. We are happy with the enthusiasm of people with the new company We can change the Brazilian aviation market in the next six months “, he concluded.

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