In one month, only 36% of the target audience was vaccinated in Curitiba


The Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) warns that the strengthening of immunization against polio, also known as infantile paralysis, must be done by all children from 1 to 4 years old, even those who have already been vaccinated.

In Curitiba, the vaccine has been available in all health units since September 28, but until yesterday only 31,208 doses were applied to children who are part of the campaign’s target audience. This number corresponds to 35.8% of the city’s goal, which is to immunize 90 thousand children.

The low coverage led the City to adopt strategies such as immunizing children at home, in areas of greatest social vulnerability, and vaccination in the drive-thru system.

Polio is a viral disease that can be transmitted by contaminated food and water or contact with an infected person. Some people with poliovirus do not get sick or show symptoms, in other cases the virus can affect nerves and lead to partial or total paralysis.
Although there is no cure, the virus is preventable by the vaccine, which must be administered in several doses to protect the child for life.


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