in the duel between Biel and Carol, which side are you on?


Biel and Carol Nazinho were surprised this week during the formation of the fifth farm of A Fazenda 2020. This is because, the pawn voted for the ex-panicat, putting it in the spotlight of the time. Carol, who ended the vote being the most voted by the house, did not take any outrage home. The paoa then pulled the Chemistry interpreter who was in the Bay to farm. Fazenda 12: in the duel between Carol and Biel, which side are you on? Vote in the poll:

“Since I came back from the fields, I started to be more heart in here, I left that player who was afraid to leave in the first weeks here inside me, I am not having a clear idea of ​​what is happening in the house, I am seeing a lot of heart. But I’m having the opportunity to help a little so that two people I don’t like going to the house are Ju (Juliano Ceglia) and Lidi (Lidi Lisboa), so it would be a little difficult, that I get along well person, so it would be a little more difficult if she hadn’t already voted for me. But as she has already voted, I will return, ”he said, when justifying the vote.

Marcos Mion, presenter of the reality show, questioned Carol about how she felt receiving the vote of Biel and other pedestrians. “One more vote of retribution, here it is done here if paid. We give the vote, sometimes it comes back against us. I always get scared, I get tense thinking that I’m going to take a lot of votes, and we always expect the worst, but still wanting the best, ”replied Narizinho.

Biel manages to free colleagues from the field


The Chemistry interpreter achieved the goal of freeing fellow confines Lidi Lisboa and Juliano Ceglia from the farm. However, he ended up in the risk zone of A Fazenda 2020. This is because, Carol finished the formation being the most voted by the house with 5 votes to 4 of Juliano. Being indicated by the house to the farm, the ex-panicat had to pull a resident of Baia to the spot. Thus, Biel was the choice of the paoa.

Marcos Mion questioned the model about how he was feeling being in the hot seat for the second time. “It is horrible for the second time here, it is always bad to take the risk of going to the fields. I always think that I will be voted on, I have a mania for persecution, I always think that I will take a lot of votes ”, he replied.

When justifying his choice to pull a pawn from the Bay, Narizinho explained that he was catching change. “Victória Villarim is impossible to pull, she is my partner here. Mateus too, I love with passion. Between Mariano and Biel, Mariano I have a little more coexistence, but Biel already voted for me, he voted for me until today, so I’m going to pull Biel, ”returned Carol, who faces Biel and Tays Reis.


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