In the style of Star Wars: engineers create lightsaber capable of cutting real metal


Star Wars is one of the biggest movie franchises, it has even yielded a customized version of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus with a custom S Pen in red to remind the lightsabers.

However James Hobson, from The Hacksmith on YouTube, didn’t think it was enough and decided to create a more realistic saber. To be precise, he used nozzles capable of sending a laminar flow of compressed liquid propane gas with oxygen burning at a temperature above 2,000 degrees Celsius. This allows it to be retractable just like the one seen in the Star Wars saga and is still very powerful.

Check out in the video the first retractable lightsaber made of plasma in the world:

To give you an idea, Hobson’s lightsaber is capable of cutting real metal, just like seen in movies, although you need to hold the device firmly until it breaks through the steel. The creator says that it is even possible to create a model similar to that of the films, but it would take much more energy, equivalent to that of a nuclear plant, for example.

The nozzles are the same used in the industry to manipulate the incandescent glass by blowing heat to make it malleable, each of them costs, on average, 4 thousand dollars, something around R $ 22,532.80 in direct conversion. To fuel the invention, a kind of backpack was created, it even helps to control the gas flow that defines the intensity of the saber plasma.

Finally, Hobson also reports that he is able to create plasma in different colors using elements such as boric acid (green), sodium chloride (yellow), strontium chloride (red) and calcium for the amber color.

Tell us your favorite lightsaber color in the comments.


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