In the United States, a priest is arrested after recording a sex scene on a church altar


In Pearl River, Louisiana, Catholic priest Travis Clark, 37, was arrested after he was caught recording a sex scene on the altar of his church with two women.

A witness recorded a video of the entire situation from the church entrance and took it to the police. According to the testimony, the three were half-naked at the church altar and it was possible to see everything from the street.

Travis and the two women were taken to the police station and charged with obscene acts. The trio will respond in freedom and face up to three years in prison.

Local media said a trio of cameras and a cell phone were being used by the trio to record the intimate scenes. The lighting of the weather in the middle of the night also caught the eye of the witness, who stopped to see what was happening at the place.

Gregory Aymond, archbishop of New Orleans, said he had the altar burned after the case was discovered.

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