“Incompetent monsters”, says Rafael Miguel’s girlfriend about police and media


Girlfriend Isabela and actor Rafael Miguel (Credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

Isabela Tibcherani used Instagram to vent about the confusion that the police made when reporting that Paulo Cupertino, her father, had been arrested for the murder of her boyfriend Rafael Miguel, and his parents. The crime happened in 2019, at Isabela’s house, when Rafael’s family went to visit her to talk about their dating.

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“Incompetence, lack of emotional responsibility. I hope that no one from any news story will contact me again. You have no idea what caused it, how much I cried. Incompetent monsters. That’s enough for me, ”wrote the girl on her Instagram profile. She deleted all the photos from her account, leaving only her father’s with the text talking about the fake prison. Afterwards, Isabela posted a photo crying with a text talking about how she felt with the calls and news. “I’m going to take some time and, who knows, come back here. Do not know. I was very sick with all this. I just want peace.”

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