Indian woman (33) locked up in a toilet for a year


It was Tuesday this week that the police in Panipat, northwestern India, moved out to the roof of a building in the city where there was a toilet.

What met the police and an agency that works with the protection of women, was a malnourished 33-year-old woman locked in a toilet, photos show, writes Independent.

– I received information that a woman had been locked in a toilet for over a year. When we got there, we found out that it was true, says spokesperson Rajni Gupta for the government agency which, among other things, works with the protection of women.

– It looked like she had not eaten in many days, she says.

– She was so weak that she could not walk. She ate eight chapati (Indian bread journ.anm.) When we gave her food, Gupta told the Hindustan Times.

“Mentally unstable”

The woman’s husband was arrested on Tuesday and charged with locking his wife in the toilet and for violence. The man was released again on Wednesday after paying the bail.

He denies the allegations and claims to the Independent that his wife is “mentally unstable”.

– I used to ask her to sit outside, but she wanted to sit on the toilet. She has been to doctors, but her condition has not improved, he tells the newspaper.

Local police have so far not received any documents from the family proving the man’s allegations.

– It has been said that she is mentally unstable, but we can not confirm that at the moment, Gupta says.


Gupta tells the news agency ANI that they have not found any signs that she has mental problems, writes India Today.

The health condition of the 33-year-old woman will be examined.

– That said, one can not ignore the mental health being affected when one has been locked inside a toilet for over a year, Gupta says.

The police are also investigating why the woman and the man’s three children did not sound the alarm about this to other family members or the authorities.


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