Indie developers claim that Sony does not accept requests for offers on their games on the PS Store


The developer of Return of the Obra DinnLucas Pope revealed that Sony has denied his request to discount his game on PlayStation Store.

Pope, who is also responsible for Papers, Please, mentioned this in response to a tweet from a fan who asked about a discount.

Pope’s tweet was posted on the ResetEra forum, after which an Akumatic user did some research and found similar statements from a number of other independent developers, one of whom said Sony has denied his request to offer a launch discount and his game sold very poorly on PS4 compared to other platforms. This developer is Mike Rose, and the game in question is Nowhere Prophet.

Another tweet dated August 2019 from Ratalaika Games suggested that developers should be invited to PS Store sales, and they can only discount their games when Sony allows. Interestingly, these invitations also vary by region.

Mike Hicks, the developer behind Pillar, wrote in 2015 that his game was available at a discounted price in Europe. However, he had to wait for Sony in the U.S. to invite him to a sale in order to offer the same discount to US players.

“Today, another French independent developer who has a game available on PS4 told me that he was unable to reach Sony Europe to enter winter sales,” wrote developer Fabrice Breton. “For small indies like us, this is a waste of money because 90% of our revenues come from sales.”

You can see other examples in the ResetEra topic.


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