Influencer dies of Covid-19 after defending that the disease “did not exist”


A digital influencer and fitness trainer “who thought Covid-19 didn’t exist” died after contracting the coronavirus on a trip to Turkey, according to the Mirror newspaper. At just 33 years old, Dmitriy Stuzhuk was discharged from the hospital in Ukraine, his hometown, but was taken back a few hours later and did not resist after his condition worsened. His ex-wife confirmed his death in a touching post on Instagram this Saturday (17/10).

When he became ill, Dmitriy Stuzhuk wrote to the fans: “I want to share how I got sick and warn everyone strongly. I was the type who thought Covid-19 didn’t exist. Until I get sick, ”he said. He added that the disease is not “short-lived”.

Just three days ago, he shared an account on his Instagram celebrating his return home, in which he appeared to be healthy. In his daily posts on the social network, the Ukrainian shared moments playing sports.



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