Influencer dies of covid-19 after denying existence of the disease


posted on 10/18/2020 11:22

(credit: Instagram / reproduction)

A digital fitness influencer from Ukraine who denied the existence of covid-19 died of the disease on Saturday (17/10). The death was announced by his ex-wife, Sofia Stuzhuk, on social media.

According to her report, Dmitriy Stuzhuk, 33, caught the disease on a trip to Turkey. During the trip, he noticed a swelling in his neck and difficulty breathing. Back in Ukraine, he tested positive for covid-19.

He was hospitalized for eight days, was released home, but quickly got worse and had to return to the hospital, where he ended up dying.

On Instagram, the influencer made a post before he died in which he acknowledged he was wrong about the disease. “I thought the covid did not exist, until I became ill. COVID-19 IS NOT A SIMPLE DISEASE! It is heavy. The hospital is full of people, some of them treated in the corridors,” he wrote.

Dmitriy has always promoted a healthy lifestyle on Instagram.

His ex-wife reported that he had coronation problems and that he couldn’t take it. “” Dima (Dmitriy) had problems with the cardiovascular system. Your heart can’t take it. He suffered a clinical death, but the doctors restarted his heart. His condition is extremely serious. Nobody can do anything else. I did everything I could to make the father of my three children live. But nothing depends on me now “, she wrote on a social network. And then she informed about the death of her ex-husband.” Dima is no longer with us “.


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