Influencer from Ukraine dies of covid-19 after saying that the disease did not exist – Jornal CORREIO


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A Ukrainian digital influencer died on Saturday (17) at the age of 33 due to covid-19. Dimitriy Stuzhuk, who was specialized in the fitness area, went so far as to say that the coronavirus was an invention before he got sick.

The English press published an account of the ex-wife of the influencer, Sofia, saying that Stuzhuk caught the disease while traveling to Turkey. He was hospitalized and was discharged, but due to cardiac complications he had to return to the hospital.

“His condition is extremely serious. No one can do anything with it. I did everything I could to make the father of my three children live. But nothing depends on me now,” said Sofia, hours before Stuzhuk’s death.

While hospitalized, he even posted on social media. Stuzhhuk said that covid-19 was a serious disease, contrary to his initial disbelief.

“I want to share how I got sick and strongly warn everyone. I thought that covid didn’t exist … until I got sick. Covid-19 is not a simple disease. It is serious,” he wrote.

He shared with his followers his healthy life routine, with exercise and food tips. The influencer leaves three children, the youngest being a nine-month-old baby.


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