Influencer who didn’t believe virus existed dies of Covid-19 – Behavior


Ukrainian fitness instructor and influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk died of covid-19 at the age of 33. The young man was recovering well, until he had to return to the hospital and get worse very quickly, until he could not resist.

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The influencer posted updates on his health status after testing positive

After contracting the virus, the influencer admitted that he was one of the people who did not believe in the disease. I want to share how I got sick to let everyone know: COVID-19 IS NOT A SHORT-TERM DISEASE! IT’S VERY DIFFICULT “, he posted on his Instagram.

Dmitry woke up with a swollen neck and breathing difficulties during a trip to Turkey, according to the British newspaper Mirror
. When he returned to Ukraine, he tested positive for the new coronavirus and was hospitalized. After 8 days, he returned home to finish his recovery, but soon had to go to the hospital again, in a hurry.

Dmitry’s death caused a lot of shock, due to his age and his apparently healthy lifestyle, although some of his followers suspected that he used muscle growth hormones.

The news of his death was given by the ex-wife and mother of his three children, Sofia Stuzhuk, 25, who revealed that the covid-19 triggered cardiac complications that turned out to be fatal. Some of his followers blame the alleged consumption of muscle growth hormones as the cause of his heart problems.


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