Ingebrigtsen’s catastrophic start continues: – Danger of relegation


Mjøndalen-Brann 2-0

– The most fun we know is to win football matches. When we do not do it for a while, it is a leaden everyday life. It is winter depression already, says Kristoffer Barmen to TV 2.

At Consto Arena, Brann suffered another scorching defeat against Mjøndalen.

Martin Rønning Ovenstad provided a dream start for the brown-clad after twelve minutes. Shortly before the break, Isaac Twum doubled the lead, a goal that should have been canceled for an offside in advance.

– Hope he teaches them to score goals

Brann never managed to fight back in the fight.

Van Dijk out with injury after pig tackle

– If we continue like that and do not score goals, then we move down. With the points we have now, it is not enough, says Kåre Ingebrigtsen to TV 2.

– But I do not think we have the focus there, sort of. We focus on improving performance. I have to do something about that, he continues.

– What do you think about the start you have had in Brann?

– In terms of points, it has been shocking. It has it. I think it has been far below par, and we really need to step up. Both coaches and players. For this we should not be familiar with in Brann, the man from Trøndelag answers.

Soon he has a new addition to his coaching staff. On Friday, BA announced that Eirik Horneland will be presented as Ingebrigtsen’s assistant on Sunday. Brann has called for a press conference.

– What will it be like to get Horneland in if he is presented tomorrow?

– I hope he teaches them, he who comes in, to score goals. Then it will be great, that, Ingebrigtsen answers with a twinkle in his eye.

NEW ASSISTANT: Eirik Horneland was hired as Rosenborg coach after Kåre Ingebrigtsen was fired. Now he will probably be Ingebrigtsen's assistant in relegation-threatened Brann.

NEW ASSISTANT: Eirik Horneland was hired as Rosenborg coach after Kåre Ingebrigtsen was fired. Now he will probably be Ingebrigtsen’s assistant in relegation-threatened Brann. Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg


The loss means that the deplorable start for Kåre Ingebrigtsen continues. The 2-1 victory over Molde, two days after he had been hired, he followed from the stands.

Then there have been five losses, two draws and only one win. The series of matches without a three-pointer has been extended to six.

– It is a disastrous start for Kåre. Although he has his challenges with this number of players, this is far below what one should expect, TV 2’s football expert Jesper Mathisen states.

– Brann’s ambition when they brought in Kåre was that this team will go up and fight for medals in the years to come. But at the moment, they are infinitely far away from the best teams in Norway, he continues.

Kristoffer Barmen urges the people of Bergen to roll up their sleeves.

– With the period we are in now, it is a bit symptomatic for us to come here and lose. That’s not how it should be. Now we have to fuck up and sharpen up, says the Brann player.

– Is there a danger of relegation?

– I do not think we should move down.

In the relegation battle

In any case, the relegation ghost has really started to sneak into Brann. Now they are five points ahead of Start in qualifying. Should the southerners beat Strømsgodset in Drammen, the distance will be two points.

– I think Brann takes enough points for them to keep the place by a fair margin, but now the danger of relegation is actually there. Tomorrow night they can be two points away from qualifying, and then the nerves come to Bergen, says Mathisen.

Haaland rested from the start – saved the day with a selfless assist

– Teams like Mjøndalen and Start have known that this was a tough season and that they had to fight to stay, but that is not the case in Brann. No one in that wardrobe has been prepared for the focus in 2020 to be to keep their place, but that is actually what will be the focus for the rest of the season, Mathisen states.

– Mjøndalen wants clearly the most in tonight’s match, and what Brann delivers is simply thin soup. Zero structure in the attacking game, and defensively they look very messy, Mathisen believes.

Mjøndalen is praised

Mjøndalen, on the other hand, took three very important points. Vegard Hansen’s men impressed TV 2’s football expert.

– They look far better now after a couple of smart signings. This victory was extremely important for Christian Gauseth and co, because if they had lost, the gap up to qualification could have become very large within the next 24 hours, Mathisen states.

– Start will go out in a tough away match against Strømsgodset tomorrow, and if Start does not win it, it is completely even between those teams – and Mjøndalen and Start will meet in Mjøndalen later this autumn, the former Start player reminds.

After the match, it is a buttery Vegard Hansen who meets the press. It is now 45 years since Brann last won in Mjøndalen, something Hansen believes affected the opponent.

– It has become a ghost for Brann. It is cultivated before each match, and does not get any easier for them. It intensifies a bit. When there is such a clear trend over so many years, it does something with our heads and at least the heads of Brann. We win, as we often do against Brann, says the Mjøndalen coach with a smile to TV 2.

There are nine matches left in the Elite Series for Mjøndalen and Brann.

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