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Instagram announced last Monday (19) that it made available the API of its messenger so that companies can chat with their customers through Direct Messages (DM), as well as use bots to answer the most common questions.

In general, this is the same API used for Facebook Messenger and which has been updated so that bots can also be used in Instagram DM. With that, companies gain new tools to manage their customers’ communications on the social network in question in a scalable way.

Now, companies will also be able to chat with their customers via DM (Photo: Disclosure / Facebook)

The new API features allow companies to integrate Instagram messages with their applications and workflows. With that, according to Facebook (controller of the social network), it will be possible to conduct more meaningful conversations, increase customer satisfaction and increase sales.


According to Facebook, last year, the total daily conversations between people and companies on Messenger and Instagram grew by more than 40%. And with the possibility of using bots in Instagram’s Direct Messages, companies will have a single platform to respond to messages on multiple channels.

The Messenger API now allows these companies to manage messages initiated by people throughout their Instagram presence, including “Profile”, “Stores” and “Stories”. Companies will be able to use information from the main ERP systems together with Instagram messages, allowing more personal conversations and which can generate better business results.

Communications can also happen via Stories (Photo: Disclosure / Facebook)

For example, companies that integrate with a CRM system can give SAC a holistic view of customer loyalty. In addition, existing investments in people, tools and workflows to manage other communication channels can be leveraged and extended to support customers on Instagram. This update will also bring features from Facebook Shops and messaging features to the Facebook Messenger API, so companies can create more connected and immersive customer experiences.

In addition, Instagram will have, for the first time, features that will allow companies to immediately respond to common queries using bots, but with the possibility of human intervention in real time for more complex questions.

In test

The updated API is currently in beta with a limited number of developer partners and companies. Among them are Adidas, Amaro, Glossier, H&M, Magazine Luiza, Michael Kors, Nars, Sephora and TechStyle Fashion Group and other consumer brands. According to those involved in the first tests (Alpha), there were improvements in communication, including higher response rates, reduced problem-solving times and deeper customer perceptions as a result of integrations.

Companies like Magazine Luiza already use the updated API (Photo: Disclosure / Facebook)

However, only approved partners have access to the updated API, with ERP platforms included, such as Zendesk, SocialBakers, Sprinklr and Hootsuite, among others. The complete list is on this link.

Source: Instagram

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