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Instagram gained a new function this Monday (5) that allows you to buy products through IGTV videos. Until then, it was only possible to find items for sale marked in publications of the feed and Stories. The novelty is being launched globally in the social network apps for Android and iPhone (iOS), and will soon also be added to Reels.

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The user will identify that there are products marked in the IGTV videos when he comes across a shopping bag icon in the bottom menu. Just touch the button to view the details of the items present in the publication in the company’s store within the social network itself. According to Instagram, the consumer can still be directed directly to the e-commerce shopping cart, to finalize the purchase on the brand’s website.

Instagram will allow you to buy products shown on IGTV videos – Photo: Disclosure / Instagram

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Instagram says that, in the future, IGTV Shopping videos will also be shown in the “Instagram Shop” section of the Explore menu. Currently, the page only displays a product catalog and some publications from the brand feed that the user follows or from profiles related to his interests.

In a statement, Instagram says the new shopping format gives brands and content creators tools to help them continue selling their products in an inspiring and attractive way.

“Content creators and brands help bring new cultural trends to Instagram, and people access our platform to be inspired by them. With Shopping at IGTV and, in the future, at Reels, we are facilitating purchases directly through videos. In addition to helping these brands and creators share their stories, reach more customers and do business, “said Instagram COO Justin Osofsky.

Products for sale on IGTV are displayed with price and technical information on Instagram e-commerce – Photo: Disclosure / Instagram

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