Installing ‘5G filters’ on all satellite dishes can take 7 years


Brazilian operators want to use filters on satellite dishes to avoid 5G interference on open TV channels transmitted via satellite (TVRO), but the implementation of this solution can take up to seven years. The deadline was quoted in the report presented this Thursday (15th) by Conexis Brasil Digital, an entity that brings together the telecommunications companies in the country formerly known as SindiTeleBrasil.

According to the schedule, operators would install the filters on satellite dishes in 12 capitals, in the first year after the 5G auction. In addition to Brasília (DF), Belo Horizonte (MG), Cuiabá (MT), Curitiba (PR), Fortaleza (CE), Manaus (AM), Natal (RN), Porto Alegre (RS), Recife (PE) , Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Salvador (BA) and São Paulo (SP).

In the following year, the capitals that were left out and the municipalities with more than 500 thousand inhabitants would benefit. In the third phase, 36 months after the start, cities with at least 200 thousand inhabitants would enter, followed by those of 100 thousand inhabitants and so on, until the 84-month period was completed.

Installation schedule for the filters suggested by teles, after the 5G auction.Source: Telesynthesis / Reproduction

The detail is that this order to replace the filters on the satellite dishes can also be an estimate of the activation schedule for 5G networks in Brazil, after the auction by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), scheduled for mid-2021.

Migration to the Ku band is an alternative

In addition to installing filters on the antennas, an alternative to eliminate 5G interference in open channels via satellite is the migration of these stations from band C to band Ku.

However, Conexis states that such a solution would cost eight times more compared to using TVRO filters, in addition to the requirement to serve all 5,570 Brazilian municipalities.

In the case of filters, the entity estimates to serve 1.4 million people, all members of the CadÚnico of the federal government and residing in areas susceptible to interference.


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