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A new image may have taken a look at what Intel’s Alder Lake-S (12th generation) processors will look like. The expectation is that they will be launched only at the end of 2021, since the 11th generation of Rocket Lake processors is scheduled for the beginning of 2021.

VideoCardz said it accessed an image of the play, which helps to highlight the rumors. The first is that the company will work with a hybrid architecture, with some cores focused on performance and others for efficiency. According to the vehicle, Intel will bet on cores with Golden Cove architecture and others with Gracemont, balancing the demand for high performance and energy efficiency.

Changes to the current generation chips for Alder Lake (Photo: Videocardz)

Another issue that is clear from the images (if they are real) is that Alder Lake will require a new socket. This is visible only by the number of contacts and the size of the processor, which has a rectangular shape, against the square pattern of current chips.

Furthermore, the expectation is that Intel will work with a PCIe 5.0 system, compatible with DDR5 memories and a 10 nm architecture, called SuperFin.

Because of this, Alder Lake-S must demand a new socket standard called LGA1700. So, if you purchased a 10th generation Intel processor, you will need to modify your motherboard again to upgrade to the new component family. However, according to the website, this should be the last time the company requires it from the consumer, since now plans are to keep the socket for at least three years.

It is worth remembering, however, that Intel has not yet confirmed information about the Alder Lake generation of processors and, for now, all of this should be treated as a rumor.

Source: Videocardz

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