Intel Alder Lake leak shows LGA 1700 socket and rectangular processors


The 12th generation Core will bring profound changes in microarchitecture

The website Videocardz released a photo of what would be the future generation of Intel desktop processors, named Alder Lake-S. These processors will make up the 12th generation Intel Core, and promise profound changes in Intel’s strategy for its desktop processors.

The pictures show that Alder Lake processors will introduce a new format, leaving the already traditional square shape for a more elongated, rectangular shape. It would also introduce a new socket, the LGA1700, quite different from its predecessors due to the new proportions of the processor.

Alder Lake is the first to bring the 10nm SuperFin manufacturing process. It will succeed Rocket Lake, the 11th generation Core, which has already been confirmed for the beginning of next year by Intel itself. According to Videocardz sources, the next generation Alder Lake should arrive in the last quarter of next year.

This generation will bring about profound changes in processor structures. It will introduce hybrid microarchitecture, with high performance cores from the Golden Cove line and Grace Mont efficiency, changing Intel’s longstanding strategy in X86 from proportional cores. This hybrid architecture will be used to seek efficiency in compact devices, and performance in lines such as Alder Lake, for desktops.

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This will require changes in the hardware scheduler, making the new processors able to distribute different workflows to different cores, depending on which is the most suitable for the function (performance or efficiency).

Other possibilities, in the field of rumors, is that this generation will also introduce new technologies, such as support for DDR5 and PCIe 5.0, for example. However, there is no confirmation from Intel regarding the features and availability of these future processors, so we will have to wait for more news. At the moment, we are still receiving the first information about the next series of products, the 11th generation Core codenamed Rocket Lake-S, which will arrive at the beginning of next year in 14nm lithography and which will introduce support for PCIe 4.0. Although it has not been confirmed yet, we expect it to use the LGA 1200 present in the current Comet Lake-S.

Source: Videocardz


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