Inter allows cashback and returns part of the money from purchases through the app


In the Banco Inter a mall was created, a feature that allows purchases in more than 199 stores in Brazil, such as Americanas, Submarino, Netshoes, Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio and several other brands. However, the big news is that when buying from these companies through Banco Inter, the program returns part of the purchase money, the so-called cashback.

The person does not receive points back, but returns the real money, which can be used in any way he wishes, to spend on other purchases, for example, or to save money. Companies enter into this type of partnership with finance companies and payment applications because they receive a commission through loyalty programs.

What are the advantages of Inter’s cashback?

  • Purchases can come out at a lower price than on the websites of the stores themselves;
  • The customer does not accumulate points, but receives real money in his account;
  • As you receive in cash, you are free to spend however you want.

How to buy?

There are two ways to buy through the mall, directly on the Inter app or by being redirected to the partner store. How to proceed:

  1. First, make a Banco Inter account, the option is no annual fee and any other fee is charged;
  2. After that, make the purchase at the partner store using the Inter account;
  3. After a period of completion of the purchase, you receive back part of the money spent;
  4. The values ​​returned and the time of return of the money vary according to the rules of each program or establishment.

For more information, access the tutorial provided by Banco Inter:

A little about Banco Inter

Inter is the former Banco Intermedium, founded in 1994. The platform offers management of money and investments in a completely digital way, it is also free of fees and annual fees. There is also an option for a corporate account with the same benefits as an individual account.

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