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Inter ended the preparation for the game against Corinthians on Friday afternoon, in an activity at the hotel gym where the delegation is staying, in São Paulo. The match against Timão takes place on Saturday, at 19h, in Itaquera, for the 19th round of the Brasileirão.

  • Galhardo leaves Europe in the background

The squad would train at the São Paulo CT, but the heavy rain in the São Paulo capital forced the club’s logistics to change. The athletes did only physical exercises in the internal area of ​​the hotel.

Thus, coach Eduardo Coudet commanded only one training session on the field for this Saturday’s game. The activity took place last Thursday, at Serrinha stadium, still in Goiânia, where the team beat Atlético-GO for the Brazil Cup.

Abel Hernández in Inter training at the gym in São Paulo – Photo: Disclosure / Inter

The probable Inter team has: Marcelo Lomba; Heitor, Zé Gabriel, Víctor Cuesta and Uendel; Rodrigo Lindoso, Marcos Guilherme, Edenílson and Patrick; Thiago Galhardo and Abel Hernández.

There is no doubt about the lineup. Holders return to after being preserved on Wednesday. Rodrigo Moledo continues to be absent due to muscle discomfort, but Yuri Alberto joins the delegation after the period with the under-20 team.

Colorado leads the Brasileirão with 35 points and tries to end the first round at the top. The duel against Corinthians takes place this Saturday, at 19h, at Neo Química Arena, for the 19th round.


  • Local: Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo
  • Date and time: Saturday (10/31), at 7 pm (Brasília time)
  • Probable Corinthians: Cássio, Fagner, Marllon, Gil and Lucas Piton (Fábio Santos); Xavier and Cantillo; Otero (Ramiro), Mateus Vital, Cazares and Everaldo (Boselli).
  • Embezzlement: Jô (muscle contraction in the right calf), Gustavo Mantuan (left knee injury), Danilo Avelar (right knee injury), Ruan Oliveira (left knee injury) and Léo Santos (physiotherapy)
  • Hanging: Camacho, Cantillo, Cássio, Mateus Vital, Roni, Xavier and Walter
  • Probable Inter: Marcelo Lomba; Heitor, Zé Gabriel, Víctor Cuesta and Uendel; Rodrigo Lindoso, Edenilson, Patrick and Marcos Guilherme; Thiago Galhardo and Abel Hernández
  • Embezzlement: Boschilia, Saravia and Guerrero (injured)
  • Hanging: Heitor, Rodrigo Lindoso, Boschilia, Jussa, Nonato, Rodrigo Moledo and Marcelo Lomba
  • Arbitration: Paulo Roberto Alves Junior whistles the match, assisted by Ivan Carlos Bohn and Sidmar dos Santos Meurer. The trio is from Paraná. Wagner Reway, from Paraíba, commands the VAR.
  • Streaming: Premiere broadcasts the match to all of Brazil. Luis Roberto will narrate the game, with comments from Ricardinho and Pedrinho. The ge tracks all bids in Real Time, with exclusive videos.


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