Inter must have rotation, but wants to beat Vasco to stay at the top of the table


Inter won their last three games and touched the lead of the Brazilian Championship, with the same number of points from Atlético Mineiro and Flamengo. Even so, he will not give up on the strategy that has been bearing good fruit and will keep the rotation among his main players. Some starters should start this Sunday’s game against Vasco da Gama, in Beira-Rio, on the reserve bench. After all, next Thursday, Libertadores will restart for Inter, which has a decisive game against Universidad Católica in Chile.

“If we could, we would lead the Brasileirão from beginning to end. Would be better. But we are calm. We are doing our job, fighting at the top of the table. Of course, we want to be a leader again. For that, we need to continue adding points ”, observes Patrick.

After the victory over Sport, there was little time to train. The colorado delegation returned in the early hours of Thursday to Porto Alegre and, at 7:30 am, it was already working on the CT Parque Gigante lawn. Yesterday, the players also did regenerative work, which does not provide any indication of the formation that Eduardo Coudet will send to the field. The first training session before the match against Vasco should take place today. “We did an excellent preparation. I am still resting and I want to be 100% to help Inter on Sunday ”, continues Patrick.

The trend is that Victor Cuesta will be spared, making room for the formation of a duo with Moledo and Zé Gabriel. Lindoso also has a chance to start at the bank. In attack, it is likely that Yuri Alberto, of great performance at the end of the match against Sport, will start his first game as a starter at Inter. After this Sunday’s game, he introduces himself to the Brazilian Under-20 Team that will play two friendlies in preparation for the Olympic Games. Therefore, Inter will miss the next four games, against Católica, Flamengo, Atlético Goianiense and Corinthians. Thiago Galhardo, in turn, should start.

Vasco da Gama, who was the leader of the Brazilian in his first rounds, lost his breath. After winning just one point in the last five rounds, he fired coach Ramon Menezes. For his place, the Rio club joined the wave and announced the hiring of Portuguese Ricardo Sá Pinto, who arrived in Rio on Thursday.

Brazilian Championship – 17th round


Marcelo Lomba; Rodinei, Zé Gabriel (Cuesta), Moledo and Uendel; Lindoso, Edenílson, Marcos Guilherme and Patrick; Yuri Alberto and Thiago Galhardo (Abel Hernández). Coach: Eduardo Coudet


Fernando Miguel; Pikachu, Miranda, Leandro Castan and Henrique; Andrey, Marcos Junior, Carlinhos and Benítez; Talles and Cano. Coach: Alexandre Grasselli

Schedule: 18h45min

Local: Beira-Rio Stadium, in Porto Alegre (RS)

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